What are bifocals?

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As you age your eyesight can change. This could be going from perfect vision to having trouble reading a book or newspaper to already having bad eyesight and it getting worse. A fix for vision problems like this is to get multifocal eyeglasses lenses. These lenses have more than one lens power, enabling you to see things at all distances. A bifocal contains two lens powers and a trifocal contains three lens powers. Bifocals are commonly given to people with presbyopia who also require a vision correction for another eye related disease.  Presbyopia causes a person to lose the ability to see things that are up close. If you also can not see objects from a distance, multifocal glasses may be right for you. 


It can be hard to know when you need bifocals. Some signs and symptoms are:


-needing brighter light to see

-needing to put reading materials farther away to read them

-eye strain

-trouble focusing on smaller objects


If you notice any of these signs or symptoms contact your Provo Lasik Surgery and general eye care doctor. Getting an examination is the best way to know for sure if you need bifocals. Your doctor can prescribe the correct prescriptions for your bifocals. Once you have a prescription you can find some frames you like. There are also bifocal contacts for people who prefer contacts to glasses. 


Getting used to wearing bifocals can be difficult. The easiest way is to learn and train yourself to look through the right part of the lens, depending on the distance of what you are looking at. Adjusting to bifocals can take time, but most people adjust fairly quickly. Be aware that objects viewed through the lower half of the lenses may be in a slightly different place than what you are seeing. 

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