Signs that indicate you need glasses

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It can be hard to tell if your vision is changing. Sometimes you might not know that anything is wrong with your vision until an eye doctor tells you. Some people who had 20/20 vision when they were younger can need glasses later in life. If you have noticed any of these potential symptoms that are abnormal for you, see a doctor and get the eye care you need.



Blurry vision

Your vision is blurry, and you have trouble seeing close or far away. Not being able to see things far away is called nearsightedness and not being able to see things close up is called farsightedness. Glasses are an easy fix, and they can help get your vision back to 20/20.


Getting headaches

If you have recently been getting headaches, and this is not something that is normal for our body, this could be a sign you need glasses. These headaches could be from your eyes trying to focus your vision. Glasses will also fix this problem.


Seeing halos or double

If you are outside at night and lights look odd and abnormal you may be seeing halos around them. Another concerning sign is seeing double. If this occurs go see a doctor as soon as possible. They will give you a check up and tell you what is wrong. Glasses may be all you need to fix this problem. 


Reading become difficult

If you bring to notice it has become harder for you to read you may need glasses. This can develop as you age. Simple reading glasses can help. If those do not solve your problem, consult your eye doctor. 


Some problems with your vision may seem like they can be fixed with glasses but some can not. Some of these signs can be caused by cataracts, dry eyes, and other eye conditions. Tell your doctor if you have had Lasik Provo surgery done. Though Lasik improves your vision as you age it can worsen again. 

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