What is Macular Degeneration?

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Do you know what Macular Degeneration is? Have you ever heard of it? I will now share with you what Macular Degeneration is, what causes it, and how you should deal with it. Macular Degeneration causes loss in the center field of vision. You can not see fine detail if you are looking far and even close. This is when the center of the retina deteriorates. This is typically damage to the retina. Macular Degeneration normally affects older people and can cause blindness and visual impairment. This is pretty common; there are more than 200,000 United States cases per year. 


The cause of Macular Degeneration is not known but there has been research that indicates reasons you may get Macular Degeneration. The main reason researchers have found it is inheritable. If someone in your family has it or has had it you may be at a greater risk of getting Macular Degeneration. The other factors that have been found include smoking, obesity, and diet. For the most part it is just your genetics but by not doing these things you may be able to prevent Macular Degeneration. The best way to stay on top of Macular Degeneration is to frequently and consistently have eye exams. 


There are things that you can do to slow the degeneration process. First of all talk to your eye doctor but there are so general things you can do to slow it down. Don’t smoke. Smoking will not help with Macular Degeneration. You can ask your doctor to help you quit. Make sure you eat healthy. But most importantly get those eye exams and we can help with that. Here at Utah Valley Eye we are here for you and will help you with your Macular Degeneration. We also provide many other services like Lasik Provo. If you have any questions please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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