We Can Make It Through Together

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“Find the helpers”

As we’re all in this boat of social distancing and quarantine from COVID-19, there is a comradery that is building in many communities. Of course, there are many who began hoarding and going with an, “every person for themselves,” mentality. Too often, these are the stories that are shared. There has been a larger group, quietly going about their days, helping others and sharing that which they had to help those in need. That’s really at the crux of why I love living in this area. Sure, there’s bad, but if you look closely enough, a la Mister Rogers, you will see the helpers.

One of the more intriguing reports from Utah County of community goodwill is about the couple leaving envelopes of cash for others who are working in hard-hit businesses. At the last tally, they had distributed nearly $20,000 in cash into these businesses.

Be a helper

While you may not be in a position to do something as extravagant as this, and most of us aren’t, there are ways to help others. I’ve included a daily challenge at home to try and do one thing to lift another’s day, be it a kind word, or taking sidewalk chalk on walks, leaving colorful notes for others who are shut in, etc. Please let us know of any ideas that you may have tried.

We’re still here for all of your eyecare needs

Along with many others, Utah Valley Eye is suspended from non-essential, non-emergency procedures until late April. This includes both Orem LASIK and Provo eyelid surgery. While we expect some backlog, rest assured that if you had a procedure scheduled during this downtime, you will be a top priority to be rescheduled.

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