What is Color Blindness

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Do you know people who are colorblind? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be colorblind? What does it look like? Color blindness is inherited from your parents. Men are more likely to be born colorblind. There is no cure for colorblindness. Just know that color blindness does not mean that they just see black. People who are color blind do see color just different than anyone else. 


So what exactly is color blindness? It is when you can’t see colors in a normal way. Color blindness is actually more of a color deficiency. This often happens when people can’t distinguish between different colors. These colors mostly include green and red but may also include blue.


There are two cells in your body that detect light in your rods and cones. Rods only detect light and dark while your cones detect color. There are three types of cones that see color red, green, and blue. Color blindness is when one or more of these cones are absent or not working. This is how people become color blind. 


There are different degrees of color blindness. Some people can’t see color in certain light while others can’t see it at all. The most severe case of colorblindness is when people only see different shades of grey but this is super rare. Color blindness usually affects both eyes equally and lasts throughout your lifetime.


The three most popular types of colorblindness are, 1) Deuteranomaly, this is the most common color blindness. It is green and red. To people with deuteranomaly green looks more red. 2) Protanomaly, people with protanomaly see red with more green and less bright. 3) Protanopia and Deuteranopia makes you not able to tell the difference between red and green at all. 


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