Buying Your Glasses Online – Is it a Good Idea?

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Have you ever noticed that whenever you talk about something that a few days later, ads show up in your newsfeed? It’s alarming, really, to think about how much technology has seeped into our lives and how little privacy we actually have. Although that is a fun topic, it is not one to be discussed here. A while back, at Utah Valley Eye, a leader in Provo and Orem LASIK, we started to see a trend among our patients which has continued to grow – they are going online to purchase glasses.

What’s the big deal?

I’m reminded of the time before a daughter’s wedding, she found her bridesmaids dresses online for an incredible price. Without worry, she boldly added them to the cart, and when they arrived, she had quite a surprise. Not only was the material of the dresses very different than she’d hoped, the sizing was way off, resulting in our needing to remake them for the wedding.

There is more to buying glasses than simply picking a set of frames and typing in a few numbers. Different prescriptions go better with bigger lens sizes. Some frames just aren’t very comfortable either. Buying them sight-unseen can be a scary prospect.

Quality assurance

We’ve heard customers come in after buying their glasses online and the prescription doesn’t work that these companies made it difficult to receive help when the lenses were not quite right. We stand behind our products and are always available to help you. Another thing to consider, for those with vision benefits on their insurance, most online glasses retailers don’t accept these plans.

Bait and switch

Most of the online retailers advertise a crazy price, sometimes saying that they can sell you glasses for $10-20. When you get in, you see that this offer is only available on a limited number of frames and only basic lenses.

Aren’t you just saying this so I’ll buy glasses from you?

Certainly, we have an interest in maintaining our business. We enjoy providing top-notch customer care by helping you pick the best option that is fully-tailored to your eyes including glasses, contact lenses, LASIK. In addition to these services, we are a leader in Provo eyelid surgery.

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