How Vaping Can Affect Your LASIK Surgery

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Over the last several weeks, there have been numerous reports about the dangers of vaping. There are suggestions that even exposure to second-hand vaping can be harmful to family, friends, and co-workers. There are growing concerns about vaping around babies and toddlers, even to the point of some pediatricians recommending that parents change clothes and shower after they have vaped before holding their child.

I thought that e-cigs were safer! What do you mean that there are problems with vaping?

Because of the marketing, e-cigarettes are believed to be healthier and used as a tool while trying to break an addiction to nicotine as a tool. Statistics are suggesting, however; that vaping is a gateway to cigarettes, rather than the other way around.

Medical personnel are scrambling to try and stay ahead of the surge in health problems that have been presenting caused by vaping. They are beginning to include questions about vaping in their interactions with their patients. While it is tempting to keep this information quiet when talking to your doctor, especially in Utah County with its “happy valley” image, it is crucial to your health.

Vaping doesn’t affect my eyes, does it?

At Utah Valley Eye, a leader in LASIK surgery in Provo, we want the best outcome for your surgery. As such, there are medical reasons of which full disclosure of your use of e-cigarettes, allowing us to help you have the best outcome.

Successful LASIK surgery depends on proper eye health before and after the surgery. One of the side effects of vaping can be dry eyes. This can create barriers to healing properly as well as the long-term stability of your LASIK procedure. There are many causes of dry eyes that can magnify the effects of vaping on your eyes.

Can I just stop vaping a few days before my LASIK surgery in Provo?

Please discuss with our doctors exactly which vape juice(s) that you use. Even better, please bring it/them to your appointment so we can help determine the best plan for your surgery. By doing so, you greatly improve your options for a successful LASIK treatment.

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