Preventing and Treating Eye Injuries at Home

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Since October is Home Eye Safety Month and one of the most common home eye injuries is a scratch, Utah Valley Eye, a leading provider of Provo and Orem LASIK surgeries, is sharing tips to help you should you scratch your eye. While preventing an injury with protective eye wear is best, sometimes, life just happens, and your eye can get scratched. You are at the highest risk for an eye injury when you are cleaning, doing yardwork, or participating in sports.


Roughly half of all eye accidents are preventable and occur when people are doing everyday chores with which they are very familiar. The best way to prevent eye injuries at home is to wear proper eye protection, such as goggles or safety glasses. Corrective glasses can protect your eyes from front impact, but not the side.

Source of injuries

Most home eye injuries happen when cleaning or other home chemicals splash into the eyes or when there is a chemical reaction from multiple products mixing. Additionally, accidents are common when mowing or trimming. Wearing protective goggles can reduce your risk of injury.

Unfortunately, a common injury occurs when children or other family members are outdoors doing yard work or even being outside during these activities and are hit with debris. If someone approaches you when you are working in the yard, shut off all power equipment until they have left the area to prevent accidental injury. Children are especially prone to eye injury from flying debris since their eyes are so much closer to the machinery.

First Aid

After you scratch your eye, there are two immediate needs – firstly, to remove the debris so it won’t cause more damage, and second, to rinse the eye thoroughly, getting it cleaned out. These often can be accomplished together by flushing the eye with water or saline. Every home should have an eye cup and some saline for this purpose in a first aid kit. If you do not, use a small and clean glass filled with saline and place the bottom rim of the cup on the bone that is below the eye and then gently pour the liquid into the eye from the cup. Don’t attempt to dislodge anything that is stuck into the eye; these injuries need to be seen by a medical professional immediately.

After an eye injury, it is important to follow up with your eye care provider here at Utah Valley Eye so we can best advise you on your next steps. If you are even in doubt as far as what is best for comfort after an eye injury, please call and we’ll be happy to help you. After all, even though we’re best known as a leader in LASIK surgery in Provo, we offer full eye care.

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